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Contact Us

We stride to make all our customers happy. We welcome any questions anyone has.

When you email us, please provide:

1. ORDER number

2. Email used for the purchase

3. Tracking Number We Provided (If Provided)

4. Tell us the problem


Contact us by emailing us:

If you have issues with a delivered product, please scroll all the way down to our refund policy or click the link below.

Refund & Returns

We provide a 30 day stress-free refund policy. The 30 day refund policy only applies to products that have not been shipped out yet.  

We hope you understand.

If the product is defected or damaged during the shipping process, then contact us by emailing us: We will get this sorted for you right away. 


Generally shipping takes less than 15 business days. The shipping times depends on if the product is on the demand as well as what is going on in the world. Keep in mind we can't control natural disasters or any events that happen in the world. Once it leaves our warehouse, we can't control the speed of the delivery. Please allow 4-5 days for processing and dispatching time. You can always check your order status page to see where we are in that process. 

How Do I Track My Package?

Once it is shipped out, you will be notified by the email that you have given us when you ordered. The tracking number will be on the order status page for your convenience. 

I noticed a typo in my order/mistake on my order

If there is any issues with your address, name etc. Contact us immediately with information that will help us identify which order is yours. We will then go in and edit the order. 

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that the shipping address entered is correct. We do our best to speed up processing and and shipping time, so there is always a small window to correct an incorrect a mistake on your order. Please contact us immediately at if you believe you have provided an incorrect shipping address.

I am missing one of the products I have ordered?

Contact us at with the image of the shipping label, order number, email address used in order. This is used to verify your package and see what was in it. Though cases like this are super rare, it does happen.


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